Okay – Who ARE you?

Here I’m Atomicdunce – there’s a reason I picked that name. I was once involved in the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program – and I find it staggering that I was not able to see just how different I was, and that I matched the criteria for being a Transgender person (and freaking BISEXUAL) for almost 40 years. Honestly, how did I miss that?

There’s a reason I wish to remain anonymous for now – it’s known only to about a dozen and a half people outside my immediate family that I’m trans and bi – I’m really loathe to let it be known at work. I’m not likely to be fired, but it’s something I think it’d be hard for the knuckle-draggers I work with to deal with and I’d just as soon NOT deal with the comments. I already seem a little ‘different’ to them…

I’m a husband and father. I’ll have been married for 25 years in March. My wife is still trying to deal with this. We’re both in therapy. 

I”m a Christian – I’m not a Catholic. I’m not a fundamentalist. I really – honestly – try to be the real deal. I’m not perfect. I try to be kind and I try to speak to people where THEY are at, not from some position of power or a pulpit. 

It’s a part of who I am as surely as my sexual orientation. 

I AM NOT BETTER THAN YOU simply because I believe in the right sky-god – and I honestly believe *he/she/it* is there. I usually ignore non-intelligent atheists that cite me logic derived of their own minds proving god is a fantasy. Certainty of thought is a good tool to have – but it only gets you so far. 

I’m not an idiot – but I am Human – I have paperwork to testify as to both. I identify as Transgender, Androgynous (not female – so I use the default male pronouns, as I’m biologically male), and  bisexual. 

Most Trans* Blogs I’ve seen are overtly political. I understand that, and support the idea that we ought to be treated like human beings – not freaks.

I’ll touch on political some issues occasionally, but my purpose here is 

  • for this to be a creative outlet for me 
  • to help other Trans* people by showing other new people it can work out
  • pointing to Trans* resources
  • explain to non-Trans* people that we ARE human
  • occasionally vent….

Venting – isn’t that what blogs are all about? 

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