Computer is still down…

Apparently, the first HD lost it’s MBR and even the Linux bootstrap programs can’t recover it. Replaced the BIOS battery because the update to it that enabled the BIOS to see all the 150+ gigs of the first HD died, I’m going to have to copy 500+ gigs of music, movies, and pictures to DVD and CD so I can re-do the 650 secondary drive and boot off that.

… oh well, I’d been putting that off far too long anyway.

I think I’ll go dual boot this time – Mint Linux is looking VERY user friendly compared to the old Redhat I had in the late 90’s….may even be able to run mostly in Linux using Linux versions of programs I already use and WINE.

It’s funny, so many Trans* people I know are geeks – it’s sort of nice knowing that I do fit in somewhere. 🙂

Shifting gears a bit to religion…

I recently had a series of ‘private messages’ on Facebook with a guy that I’d call ‘of the Pharisiacal persuasion’. I did not tell him I’m trans* as I already got more than enough off of him to know he was incapable of understanding it. He was one of those sorts that thinks that if you do not believe EXACTLY as he does – you go to hell.

I figured, since this week was reasonably free of ‘trans* angst’ (seriously – I think I only had to stop and gather myself together a half dozen times) – I’d post my take on Christianity. It’s really simple – God has standards – but He knows we are imperfect….

…the Gospel is this…

The Son came to Earth, in the body of a Man – born of a virgin. He was sinless and died a substitutionary death for the sins of all. Our sins are covered by his righteousness, and all we must do is accept this free gift.

THAT is the Gospel. SIMPLE

The evidence of this free gift is that our hearts turn to God and godly things, and the love of God begins to fill us. Note there’s no mention of CHURCH in there. That’s secondary.

My ‘friend’ thought this a grievous and insulting error – enough of one to send me to hell. I stridently disagree. Read John 3:16 – doesn’t mention church – much less how one is organized.

By making a secondary doctrine a Primary one – you lay a burden of guilt on those that might otherwise follow Christ – so many turn aside. One does NOT need to have a church – the Thief on the Cross settles that question – but Fellowship with other Believers (that’s what I refer to myself as) is essential to Christian growth, and in reaching your potential as a Believer. The sad fact is that many churches are far too political, gossip far too much, are far too concerned with how they are percieved, and don’t ‘get their hands dirty’ often enough. They turn away (by their attitude) those that most need God in their lives.

The church is a body of believers, not a building, not an organization – “wherever one or two is gathered in his name” – THERE is a church.

There is a standard – we ought to try and attain it. We are – however – imperfect – and cannot attain perfection in this life. The Law is a mirror, not an expectation. I’m a Transgender Bisexual – I’m biologically male. I suffer anxiety attacks because of that – despite having tried to fit into ‘society’ as a straight male for 40 years. Our biology was flawed in the Fall somehow. God does not expect perfection (and I am least perfect of all, I know this) – he only expects us to accept Him. Christian growth is more about growing as a PERSON than learning verses.

We are free from the Law (essentially, the Levitical requirements in the Old Testament), free IN Christ – and I will not give that freedom up over one man’s interpretation of the Bible. I will live the life He has given me – and try to make known the understanding He has given me.

Even if I end up transtioning – God made me this way, I only pray for the grace and wisdom to handle it correctly.

Some seek to return us to the time of the Priests and Pharisees – I have ONE High Priest, the Christ – Messiah Yeshua. I am NOT for some theological state – look to the Dark Ages, and see how well THAT worked out.

Every person works OUT (not FOR) his own salvation – it is given freely – but each of has a different path to take to understand how his gifts and are to be applied.

Love is indispensible.


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