Why Us, and how?

I’m going to outline a few things I understand about why people like us ‘happen’. I’m not an expert, and someone may well correct me, but here goes….

During early development a fetus is ‘female’ as far as the ‘mechanics’ are concerned, Later developments during hormonal “baths” either shift the fetus to male or don’t. There are some things that happen along the way if things ‘work correctly’.

Genetics is part of the reason why some of us are transgender (or gay, lesbian, etc…). It’s not clear if ONLY genetics has a lot to do with it, but we know that  ‘Epigenetics’ also comes into play. 

Epigenetics  has to do with how a chromosome ‘twists’ physically – like a hair, but it’s proportionately MUCH longer. The chromosome twists up into a ball – and if two adjacent genes responsible for ‘transness’ or ‘gayness’ must come close to each other AND be bathed in the wrong sex hormoes at the wrong time – the child’s orientation will differ from the norm in a number of ways. We can’t yet predict HOW – or even – this is going to happen.

Transexuality and all the related conditions – the entire LBGTQI spectrum – all work the same way – they interrelate, you can be a mix.

Epigenetics, Stress on the mother, environmental conditions during the pregnancy….these are the things that lead to a fetus later becoming something ‘outside the norm’ of human binary sexual behavior.

Stress on the mother can change the nature of the hormone bath. It’s not yet clear HOW and WHAT all these stresses can be.

All this appears to be a ‘vulnerability’ whose execution is dependent on the conditions of the pregnancy.

There’s a theory that population stress is ONE of those stress-ors – as well as a variety of others – and that evolution brought it about as a positive adaptation to RELIEVE that stress.

Gay Individuals (and most of the LGBTQI spectrum) rarely have children. This helps alleviate population pressure relatively benignly.

Transgender persons are also generally more capable of dealing with stress, as well as being (on average) more intelligent. The entire LGBTQI spectrum tends to be – on average – more intelligent.

The rate of transgender persons in the Special Forces across the globe is FOUR TIMES that in the general population. It’s believed to be a desire on their part to ‘prove their manhood’. While that may be true – there is theorized to be an evolutionary impetus to create ‘soldier ants’ to be guardians of the species as a whole.

It’s also worth nothing that ‘two spirit’ individuals are historically honored for their wisdom in some societies.

I have to wonder if the societal rejection is not also some sort of evolutionary countermeasure to prevent ‘sports’ like this from becoming the norm. I’d like to see actual percentage a from a variety of historical societies – but THAT would require a time machine.

I’m very much FOR allowing individuals to act privately as they desire, so long as they don’t harm others in the process. I see no harm at all in allowing individuals of the same sex to marry – and a great deal of harm in forbidding it.

If you can be prejudiced against ONE harmless group of people, you can justify it in ANY case. It’s a bad precedent to set.

There is no Biblical issue with Gay Couples despite the nonsense that bigots behind pulpits claim – using the Greek of their own Bible to prove it.



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