…some Fundamental Problems

This started out as many of my blog posts are apt to do) as a response on one of my (FAR TOO MANY) discussions on Facebook, it sorta evolved into a rant….ENJOY!


The things Fundamentalists have problems wrapping their head around are just amazing, how can one be rational and think like that? (oh, wait, you can’t – well that explains some things)

People are born gay. They *are*. The problem is that this means that God is NOT attendant to things that are outside His purpose. Fundamentalists think it all revolves around them and their agenda.

What – exactly – IS their agenda? I can’t see much of Christianity in it.

God allows free will – otherwise we’d basically be robots. Evil HAS to exist for free will to exist. Give that some thought – it implies we CAN’T have a ‘always attentive’ God.

We are spiritual beings held in a physical shell, this ‘life’ is temporary – something Atheists have problems with philosophically. <shrug> Tough – You can’t bitch about all the evil – and then complain about no free will at the same time…

God only steps in when there are issues having to do with His mission for YOU – our HIS mission on Earth. No other time.

You don’t believe in Him? Hey…your choice (Free Will, remember?) he’s simply not going to be present in any form unless you are part of His purpose here.

If you’re part of His purpose, stand by – it gets BUMPY.

That Fundamentalists think God hinges on their every thought and the world revolves around their viewpoint – says things about their average level of maturity, and also their ability to read and absorb what the Bible means. Christ was MEEK – he was God incarnate – yet he set himself up as a servant for many.

You really think that He’s horribly worried about what your views on nonsense like ‘transubstantiation’ are?

I’d wager He’s FAR more concerned with how you treat you loved ones and strangers.

Sodom was about a people that were unkind to strangers and were not generous about helping others with their excess. It was NOT about buttsecks. Again, you have to wonder why they worry about the things they do.

(Hint – it’s RUDE to beat people to death with your holy book)

Your son is gay? – help him understand how that will play out in his life, don’t try to force him to hide it, that’s unhealthy and it’s not going to CHANGE anything. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, you people are READING IT WRONG.

Your Daughter is a Lesbian? Dance with BOTH brides at the wedding.

One of your kids is Bi? Help them to work out how that affects their relationships.

Transgender? Cry with them – Hug them – because that road is a tough one.

– Six Literal Days? Really? Even reading the text in English, that has to be wrong. Try ‘epochs’ – MUCH more appropriate word there.


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3 responses to “…some Fundamental Problems

  1. Erica

    Here’s something wrack your brain over. What if BOTH theists and atheists are wrong? What if there is a god, but its true test is to find the people who see beyond the multitude of religions it inspired. What if it seeks those with the maturity to outgrow the need for a god, with the courage to dismiss their fears? Then, ironically, only the atheists get to enter its realm.

    Wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with audacious peers for all eternity, as opposed to legions of obediant followers?

    Wouldn’t you rather surround yourself with peers than obediant

  2. Something like that HAS occured to me, honestly.

    Not exactly that – but the idea that God wants only those that want the TRUTH to be found out. If so, then some Christians (not many, only those that can see the truths behind the dogma and bad interpretation) and some Atheists (those that aren’t so full of their own rationalizations, there’s no room for anything else) will ‘get there’.

  3. 11 Sept 2013 – edited to remove ‘ALL BOLD’ text and fix a few typos…

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