19 Things Bad ‘Allies’ Say

Thought Catalog

In honor of the Ally-ification of National Coming Out Day, I’ve put together a quick list of the top 19 things bad allies say and do, courtesy of the hilarious-in-an-omg-that-is-so-sad-and-accurate-kind-of-way Tumblr, littlestraightallythings. Enjoy.

1. “I can’t be homophobic! I have a gay friend/brother/uncle!”

Remember, Rick Santorum’s press secretary in the early-2000s was gay. Would you say this makes him “not a homophobe” as well?

2. “I don’t really identify with the word ‘cisgender.'”

But, um, you are. I might not go around announcing myself as “Parker Molloy, transgender woman, homosapien, American, resident of Earth,” but those are all true statements. If someone said, “raise your hand if you live on Earth,” I’d raise said hand.

3. Comparing “oppression” they’ve faced by identifying as an ally to the life experiences of someone who is gay or trans.

Please don’t do this. We all have different privileges. Acknowledge them. That one…

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