Resolving New Memories: Adult Neurogenesis

I think this is what happened to me, what caused my depression until I started supplementing with Pregnenolone and raised my progesterone levels.

Knowing Neurons

When I was young, my family lived in an old farmhouse.  It was cozy and had a lot of character but, at over 150 years old, it showed its age.  My bedroom was unique since it had been updated with blue shag carpet sometime in the 1970’s.  It was also unique because there was a tiny nail that poked up through the floorboards a few inches past the doorway, hidden from view by the shag.  I knew exactly where that nail was though; I had stepped on it late one night and woke the house with my cries of pain!  I quickly learned to always step just a little bit farther into my room to avoid the hidden nail.  What I later found surprising was that I always took larger steps into my room but never any other room in the house.  How was my brain able to tell the…

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